TV technology comes with clarity

In 2009 America made a bold switch from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting. Since then the television industry has created new and innovative ways to satisfy viewers entertainment needs. Now, the new flat panel LCD LED HDTV’s brings new clarity in both audio and video giving viewer’s a clearer picture, more vibrant color and realistic sound.

Now the television industry has made a giant leap forward bringing viewers more useful equipment for their home entertainment.

With the addition of Blu-ray, 3D television makes its debut on the home screen, bringing audiences a new way to watch movies and televisions shows. Furthermore, the red and blue paper 3D glasses that many were used to as children are now obsolete. The 3D glasses of today are sleek, slim, and comfortable. They look and feel like regular  everydaay sunglasses.

However some feel that Blu-Ray 3Dtv might never take off.

“…I’ve never really found [3DTV] worthwhile. I think it deters from the movie…it’s a gimmick and will not catch on,” said Brent Everhart, ResTECH coordinator and laboratory supervisor.

According to Brandon Gray of, in the article “‘Avatar’ blast off on opening day,” the hit film Avatar made an estimated $27 million. the 3D presentation accounted for 58 percent of the gross.

Not only will the television industry bring viewers 3DTV but also on Feb. 7, VIZIO, Inc. debuted their newly released Razor LCD LED HDTV with internet application capability.

People worldwide have experienced the capability of internet applications through cellular phones and music devices such as iPhone and Palm Pre. Now applications such as Facebook, Pandora, Netflix and Twitter can be accesses through home television screens. This allows audiences to stream movies, music, and view status updates from their personal Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Moreover, is this technology truly beneficial to viewers? Viewers spend countless hours watching the television screen, but will internet applications continue to increase the hours spent in front of the television screen?

“You can easily go to the video store and rent a movie…it’s all about what you don’t have to do now,” said Robert Sweeney, Security and Risk Analysis major.

Publisher Altoona Collegiate Review
Published March 15 2010