Dance Upon Injustice

From contemporary to modern, dancing was a big hit September 18. Coordinator Jennifer Harry assembled a dance show, entitled “Dance Upon Injustice” to support the charity group LOVE146. The event was produced, in cooperation with SALT.

LOVE146 is a charity organization developed to eradicate child sex slavery and exploitation. According to speaker, Christina Berg, Music & Business Technology major at Millersville University, sex slavery is an exceedingly controversial issue with the US having one of the highest importation rate of sex trafficked children.

“As you’re watching these dances enjoy it for everything that it is but remember what’s behind it,” said Berg.

Harry, also an instructor at Dance Fusion in Tyrone, met up with local Christian group SALT. Together they composed a tasteful event. The night consisted of roughly twenty-six performances ranging from interpretive dance to pop.

“I felt really passionate about what LOVE146 was doing,” said Harry.

The evening was both educational and entertaining. Berg gave several presentations educating spectators on the issue of human trafficking and the efforts at LOVE146.

The steal of the show was the performance by Andrea Young entitled “Gravity”, choreographed by Jocelyn Labriola Hrzic, Fluidity Dance Company.

What was most prominent about the performances was the use of props. Choreographed by Anna Rosi, Dance Fusion and performed by Lindsay Bonsell, Davina Lee, Karah Postrich, Sabre Nail and Tifani Sprankle, “Un, Deux, Trois was a performance that included the use of bounce balls.

“That’s why I love that this is all dancing because they get to connect their mind, body and soul,” said Berg

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